Long Term Care Insurance

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Long Term Care Insurance is more than financial planning.  It is an insurance product that removes the worry of needing care in the last few years of life and having to exhaust your entire life’s savings.

  • Department of Health and Human Services states that people 65 years and older have a 1 in 2 chance of needing Long Term Care before they die.
  • New York Times reports that 59% of seniors 85 and older have Alzheimer’s or some other form of cognitive disorder.  Cognitive issues have grown to be the number one claim that is filed on Long Term Care Insurance policies.
  • The Prince­ton Pub­lic Health Review says that women are living an average of 81.2 years and men are living an average of 76.1 years. Advancements in medicine increase the chance that a person will need Long Term Care.  More LTC statistics.The New Way to Shop for Long Term Care Insurance and get Rates, Cost, Reviews, Prices and Quotes from the Top Six Companies.

Modern medicine are helping citizens in the United States live longer.  This increased longevity is also increasing the likelihood of a person needing Long Term Care at some point during their life. Along with Alzheimer’s and dementia the other leading causes of Long Term Care are: heart issues, stroke, cancer, obesity, fractures of bones, and Parkinson’s Disease may also create the need for Long Term Care services.

What is Long Term Care Insurance? 

Long Term Care Insurance is a policy that can be used to pay for Adult Day Care, Assisted Living Facilities, Home Health Care, and Nursing Homes. About 70% of all claims are are for Home Health Care and Assisted Living Care.

 The High Cost of needing Long Term Care is the issue.

The average annual cost of Long Term Care is:

  • Nursing Home – $85,179
  • Assisted Living Facility – $47,000
  • Home Care – $41,784
  • Adult Day Care – $22,655

Planning Ahead With Long Term Care Insurance is the answer. 

The extreme cost of receiving Long Term Care services can destroy your savings and investment that you have worked so hard to build.  The average stay in a nursing home at 3.1 years, it adds up to an average cost of $264,054 per person or $528,109 for a married couple and that is in today’s dollars.  Inflation will triple that cost in 22 years.  When you buy Long Term Care Insurance under the age of 75 years old it should always have the inflation protection rider.

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Long Term Care Insurance will help to:

  1. Maintain your independence.
  2. Protect your savings and investments.  Prevent losing your home and leaving your spouse penniless.
  3. Prevent being a burden on your kids and family.